Dear Community,

In 1864 after reading Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”, British philosopher Herbert Spencer originated the term “Survival of the fittest” and used Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection to order human organization, giving birth to Social Darwinism. Applying Social Darwinism to the workings of society allowed for the development of market capitalism, resulting in putting the needs of the individual before those of the common. The results are remarkable and include, amongst many, the stress on the natural world through the cycle of extraction and consumption, a weakening of community and an erosion of morality.

In 1902, after 30 years of exploring Siberia and political exile, Russian scientist and explorer Piotr Kropotkin wrote “On Mutual Aid”, asserting that cooperation, not competition, is the critical factor in the evolution of a species and should be adopted as a model for creating a just and equitable world.

In 1996 Lynne and I founded Kroka on the conjuncture of American Democracy, Russian idealism, and years of remote expedition experience. At Kroka, we believe that cooperative work within a community in partnership with nature and the development of one’s moral compass are essential components of social transformation. For 28 years, we’ve been implementing an educational model which engages every student’s thinking, feeling, and will in learning and in work, where cooperation, altruistic action, and ecological practices are modeled on every level of the organization, beginning with daily morning chores at 6:30AM!

This is a critical year for Kroka: after 28 years, Lynne and I will be moving on, passing the organization to the next generation of dedicated and visionary leaders. Your support of this year’s annual fund is essential for a successful transition year!

With gratitude,


Lynne and Misha, Co-founders

Your generous donation will allow Kroka to:

  • Develop climate-resilient programming and campus
  • Give 60 scholarships to students in need
  • Offer 6 life-affirming apprenticeships in adventure education and farming
  • Donate 20 program days in nature to local elementary schools
  • Provide fresh organic student-grown food to local food pantries through our farm
  • Give back to the communities that partner with us through community service projects
  • Provide training in transformative leadership for a sustainable future for young staff and guides
  • Smoothly navigate our leadership transition as Lynne & Misha prepare for the end of their 28-year tenure and a new leadership team takes the organization into the future

The antidote to social apathy is a decisive action that makes a small but measurable difference. Please practice your altruistic will by making your donation today!

In the 2020-21 school year Kroka has:

  • Remained fully open through the pandemic with zero cases of COVID to date
  • Offered 40 programs to 438 students in its 28th summer, our highest ever summer enrollment
  • Developed and successfully fulfilled our Legends of Rio Grande Semester program in cooperation with the National Park Service and Texas State Parks
  • Re-established the Vermont Semester (due to travel restrictions to Canada) in cooperation with Northwoods Stewardship Center, Farm and Wilderness, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Lake Champlain Trail and Sterling College
  • Provided an alternative to on-line learning and ran a full year of community middle school in cooperation with a parent council
  • Partnered with Summer Search offering a 14-day summer program to 20 inner-city youth from Brooklyn and the Bronx
  • Continued cooperation with 27 public and private schools bringing healing experiences in nature and community to 465 students    
  • Provided $462,000 in financial aid through the generosity and altruism of 147 donor families and foundations
  • Assisted NH Harvest Bridge in preserving 15 bushels of tomatoes, 200lbs of sweet corn, 14 bushels of green and red peppers, and 4 bushels of broccoli for The Community Kitchen in Keene, NH
  • Donated 393 pounds of vegetables and 60 dozen eggs to local area food pantries and neighbors
  • Contributed 20 days of staff and students’ community service to numerous neighbors, farms and other non-profits including Chase’s Mill, Hillside Springs CSA, Green Mountain Orchard, Someday Farm, Trollhaugen Farm, Perkins Academy, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and many others    
  • Partnered with the Monadnock Conservancy to preserve 120 acres of land under Kroka’s stewardship in order to protect the land and wildlife habitats in perpetuity