Homeschooling students ages 8 – 14 are invited to join a unique wilderness adventure education program based at Kroka Expeditions in Marlow, New Hampshire. Every Wednesday from January 15th – May 27th we will meet at the Kroka Farm and Village for a full day outdoors, with activities in the wilderness and on the farm. Students will develop skills for living in community with nature and as a group of young people. 

The program is an introduction to wilderness living and adventure play in the outdoors. Some of our wilderness adventure activities will include hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, caving, climbing, canoeing, farming, service projects and more! A wilderness skills curriculum will include shelter building, fire by friction, plant and tree identification, and traditional crafts and handwork. 

Each day begins with chores on the Kroka farm, including working with our farm animals, splitting firewood, working with our plants and gardens, or gathering supplies and gear for the day’s adventure. Followed by a structured morning activity, we will share a pot-luck lunch, and have nature observation time. Afternoons include unstructured time for play and exploration in the Kroka forest and surrounding wilderness. Some weeks, we will leave Kroka and travel to a nearby adventure via our Kroka van – maybe to paddle down a river, hike a mountain, or climb some rocks!

Personal Gear

This program will take place outdoors in all weather! Preparedness with personal gear is essential for the health and happiness of each student. We will provide a student packing list – which will include items such as rain gear, boots, thermal layers, etc. by Monday of each week based on the upcoming conditions. Any specialized gear (snowshoes, paddles, helmets, etc.) will be provided by Kroka.