Eliot Witten
Guest Instructor

Joined Kroka: 2009

Bio: Eliot grew up in a tight-knit co-housing community in Western Massachusetts. He first came to Kroka as a camper on Expedition Pre-Columbus, and has moved through the ranks at Kroka, from summer camper to semester student, and then apprentice to staff for five full summer seasons. After working in Alaska training sled dogs for the Iditarod, Eliot returned to New Hampshire to build his own tiny house and start a small homestead. Eliot now holds a Masters in Education from Antioch University and works as an early childhood educator at the Keene Montessori School. He lives in Keene, NH with his wife Bethany and their two beautiful children Roger and Ruth. Their backyard gardens are always a little bit wild and their cat is always getting into mischief. Eliot especially enjoys fishing, singing and canoeing, and loves to tell a good story.