Located in California’s beautiful Mendocino County and home to Kroka’s west coast Redwood Valley Basecamp, Frey Ranch is home to a multigenerational community of people working to live together in harmony with the land. After four decades of organic stewardship, the landscape is rich in biodiversity with a wide array of wildlife who grace the land with their presence, as well as mystical creeks, mineral springs, and spectacular redwood forests. In 2017, the fall wildfires raged through the property, burning much of the farm infrastructure and personal homes. Along with this devastation has come incredible resilience and new growth within the community and landscape. 

Hosted by the Frey family, it is here in this special place that west coast Kroka trips begin and end. Students participate in farm work with the animals, tend the garden beds, and shape the forest landscape through holistic forestry practices. After this hard work, there is a refreshing pond to cool off in, and much to explore. Meals are cooked over the fire, songs are sung to the stars, and many adventures await.

Nahual Expediciones
Pifo, Ecuador