Visiting & Volunteering

Visiting Kroka: We welcome new visitors to Kroka during most seasons who are looking to learn more about our school, programs, campus and community. To ensure we can find an appropriate time for your visit, please contact us to arrange your visit at least 48 hours ahead of time so we can make sure a staff member will be prepared to greet you.

Alumni Visitors:  We welcome returning alumni and former staff members to visit campus – especially during one of our two annual alumni weekends, our four semester start and graduation weekends, and campus workdays! Alumni wishing to stay overnight must get advance permission from one of the directors or the facilities manager.  Please do not just make personal arrangements with one of your friends who may also be living and working here.

Volunteering: Kroka welcomes volunteers throughout the year, especially on our farm, campus, and kitchen. Volunteers bring energy, fresh ideas, diversity, and richness to the community while supporting our operations through labor and participation. In order to preserve the health and safety of our community, we require that volunteers register in advance so that we can plan work, housing, and meals. We ask this both of newcomers as well as Kroka former staff and semester alumni.

Requirements for Residential Volunteers:

  • At least 18 years of age (unfortunately we cannot accept minors at this time)
  • Prior program history at Kroka OR minimum 1 personal recommendation
  • Pre-approval from Program Director at least one week in advance of visit
  • Minimum stay is 3 full days; maximum stay is one month (stay may be extended if mutually agreed upon)
  • Completion of a Volunteer Application and waiver form.
  • In some cases we may reach out for a short phone interview before saying “YES” to your request

What Kroka CAN offer: 

  • Primitive housing in a yurt, lodge, cabin or wall-tent. In certain busy times of the year volunteers may be asked to bring their own tent. We do not provide bedding.
  • Access to any meals being served in the Kroka staff kitchen (typically 3 meals per day April – October; 2 meals per day November – March)
  • Access to a shared kitchen to prepare your own food when a meal is not being served
  • Access to our swimming pond, trails, and endless natural beauty in more than 1,000 acres of nearby wilderness!
  • A rich life in community of hard-working staff and students from around the world
  • Service hours toward college or university credits
  • For volunteers staying one week or more: an organic cotton volunteer T-shirt

What Kroka CANNOT offer: 

  • Free or discounted participation in programs and activities
  • Personal use of Kroka vehicles and equipment
  • Housing for your dog, cat, other pets, or farm animals

Volunteer Expectations: In exchange for food, housing, and participation in our community, volunteers will be expected to work a minimum of 4 hours for each day they are on campus, with one designated rest day per week.  In addition, volunteers are expected to participate in morning chores from 6:30 – 8:00 AM each morning. Volunteers will report to a supervisor, typically a senior staff member, who is responsible for assigning their daily work.

Restrictions on residential volunteers: For the safety of our students, staff, and campus, we place the following restrictions on residential volunteers. Volunteers may NOT:

  • Be alone with students at any time
  • Use tractors, chainsaws, or other outdoor power tools without a Kroka staff member present
  • Drive Kroka vehicles on public roads
  • Use workshop tools or sewing machines for personal projects
  • Drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes or use marijuana or other controlled substances at any time while on campus

In addition, residential volunteers will be expected to comply with Kroka’s code of conduct at all times while on campus.

Still interested in volunteering after reading all of this? Fill in an application below and we promise to get back to you within 3 business days.