A Living Building for the Future

Beginning in 2018, Kroka launched a capital campaign to bring its campus into the future for generations to come. The heart of Kroka, our two-hundred year-old farmhouse welcomes a thousand students and families each year as a home away from home. As the hub of Kroka’s operations, it functions as a classroom, meeting space, expedition planning center and office, and is also our main cooking and dining facility during the fall, winter and spring.

It became clear that Kroka had greatly outgrown the farmhouse and it was time for a major renovation. This created an opportunity to create a strategic and efficient building that would preserve the simple, authentic, and rustic qualities of the farmhouse while showcasing innovative technology towards a more sustainable future.

Thus began a grand reconstruction project aligned with Kroka’s values to create the very first Living Building in the state of New Hampshire. Living Buildings are: (from living-future.org)

  • Regenerative buildings that connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.
  • Self-sufficient and remain within the resource limits of their site.
  • Create a positive impact on the human and natural systems that interact with them.

Farmhouse Reconstruction Design Process

While our Farmhouse is still under re-construction, we are almost there! See our progress outlined in the below table:

September 2019

Deconstruction of old farmhouse: move office & kitchen, strip building, move farmhouse & pour new foundation.


October 2019

Install new ell


November 2019

Rough framing, plumbing & electrical,re-establish essential services, wood boiler, composting toilet, rough wiring & plumbing,


December 2019

Rough framing, plumbing & elecrical. Redo old farmhouse exterior walls and windows for energy efficiency


January 2020

Finish Basement: (Food storage rooms, showers, utility rooms)
New metal roof installed


February 2020

Finish main floor: (Kitchen & Dining Hall)


March 2020

Finish office floor: (New office space)


April 2020

Renovate old farmhouse: meeting rooms, lounge, library, bathrooms


May 2020

Exterior work: exterior siding & masonry


June 2020

Exterior work continued: photovoltaic & rainwater catchment system installation


July & August 2020

Competion of: exterior siding, electrical work, library & lounge, thermal solar system, deck & deck roof

September 2020

Final touches completed: fire safety system, handicap accessibility, porch roofing, deck railings, main stairwell, decorative shingle artwork (many of these projects will provide educational opportunities for semester students)

October 2020

Expected completion date Oct. 2nd!

With our photovoltaic solar system now installed, we are generating the electricity we need to operate. Our system is connected to the grid so that any excess power generated is given back for others to use. Track our energy production here!