Our Partners

Kroks would not be what it is today without the support and dedication of our many friends, supporters, affiliates and partner organizations. Please take the time to check out the amazing work they are doing!

Our close partners and local organizations:

Organizations we work with for professional development and training:

Organization we are active members of:

  • Green Mountain National Forest
  • White Mountain National Forest
  • Vermont Outdoor Guides Association
  • Maine Wilderness Guides Association
  • Vermont Cavers Association
  • Maine Island Trail Association
  • Maine Coastal Heritage Trust
  • Catamount Trail Association
  • Lake Champlain Committee
  • Northern Forest Canoe Trail
  • Connecticut River Watershed Council
  • Chase‚Äôs Mill
  • Monadnock Climbers Association
  • Northeastern Cave Conservancy
  • Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association
  • New England Mountain Bike Association