Farm Educator

Kroka’s Seasonal Farm Educator offers a unique opportunity to learn about organic farming while working with students in a farm setting and living in a robust intentional community of exceptional young people. No prior farming experience is necessary, though a strong interest in both agriculture and community is essential to your success!

Learn the trade

  • Work side-by-side with experienced and dedicated farmers on a working educational farm
  • Dairy- Milking, yogurt and cheese making, holistic small herd management, rotational grazing
  • Poultry- sustainable egg production, humane practices and rotational flock grazing
  • Fruit and vegetable gardening- Growing variety of fruits and vegetables for community of 100 people using organic practices including processing and preserving the harvest.

Gain teach experience

  • Work with 800 students over the course of the growing season during morning chores, farm work projects and specific farm programs and camps
  • Observe experienced educators
  • Receive feedback from mentors and developing effective teaching styles

Live in community

  • Share a canvas wall tent set amidst staff village
  • Develop personal living habits in harmony with natural world
  • Have opportunities to participate in paddling, climbing, hiking and other adventure and wilderness skills training with Kroka guides

Work hard

  • Plants, animals, and students need our care and attention no matter the weather or circumstances.
  • Sometimes you will work alongside our farmers, other apprentices, or with students. Sometimes you may work alone. No matter the circumstances, we will be counting on you to contribute.
  • Our work is physically demanding, and must be done with care and attention to detail every single day.

Stipend and benefits

  • In addition to a weekly stipend of $100, apprentices receive delicious meals, comfortable eco-housing on Kroka campus, and invaluable educational experiences. A full season commitment is required to be eligible for the position.

Season: June – September

How to apply