Position: Food Apprentice / Assistant

Kroka is seeking a Food Apprentice or Food Assistant to provide essential kitchen support in preparing food for our summer staff and student community. The Food Apprentice/Assistant will work alongside the Food Manager to learn and develop skills in farm-to-table cooking, organic and biodynamic-inspired farming, integrated community food systems, and preparing and packing out food for wilderness travel.


June 1 – August 19 2024

If you are…

  • Interested in developing skills in seasonal, farm to table, whole food cooking;  
  • Thorough, organized and passionate about food and cooking;
  • Able to efficiently follow directions and work independently;
  • A thoughtful and honest communicator;
  • Creative, resourceful, and curious with a strong work ethic
  • Energetic and excited to work with children of all ages
  • Eager to live in a dynamic learning community

…if so, this position may be exactly what you’re looking for this summer!

As the Food Apprentice you will…

  • Assist the Food Manager in preparing 3 meals/day for Kroka staff (approx. 30 people) and student community (60-100 people)
  • Work with, and be a positive role model for students of all ages in the kitchen and on the farm
  • Support expedition programs by assisting students and instructors with food preparation and pack out
  • Prepare meals independently during the Food Manager’s days off
  • Work on the Kroka Farm one day per week to learn more about livestock care and vegetable/herb/fruit production
  • Connect with local food producers and assist with food procurement errands
  • Create value-added products from farm-fresh vegetables including sauerkraut, beef jerky, jam and jelly, cheese and yogurt

Learning Opportunities Include:

  • Develop efficiency skills in meal planning and preparation
  • Deepen your understanding of farm-to-table, local, whole food, seasonal cooking processes and how to plant, grow, harvest and prepare food in a mindful way
  • Work with children of all ages in a kitchen setting
  • Acquire an understanding of expedition food packout systems
  • Experience life on a campus that incorporates environmental consciousness into every facet of daily life

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Room and board should you need it
  • Apprentices (residential, full-time): $150 – $400 per week stipend
  • Assistants (non-residential, full or part-time): $15-$17/hr
  • Being part of a great community of people committed to adventurous learning, hard work and simple living
  • Myriad seen and unseen benefits (fields lit by fireflies! moonlight on the pond!)