Kroka welcomes individual families for tent camping
during the summer season
(sorry no trailers or RVs).

Who are you?

Families and friends of current Kroka staff and students who are passing through the area or coming to Kroka for a program start and would like to spend the night.

Please call our office to make a reservation for a campsite in our family camp area.
We offer water, firewood, a composting toilet, and several comfortable tent sites. You are welcome to use Kroka hiking trails and swim in the pond!

Arrival: Please arrive between 5 pm and 5:30 pm, and look for a Kroka staff member at the farmhouse upon your arrival. 

Pets:  Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate dogs or other pets.  If you need to bring a pet, we can refer you to other camping options nearby Kroka. 

Parking: Please park on the inner side of one of our driveways – do NOT park along the paved road.

Fire: Due to the lack of rain we are not allowing campfires on campus this season. 

Bathroom: Please use the composting toilet building located adjacent to the bridge. Note the instructions posted inside.

Water: A five-gallon drinking water container is placed at the entrance to your camping area. You can use stream and pond water for cooking and washing. Please do not contaminate water with foreign substances, including food or soap.

Food: Please store ALL FOOD in rodent-proof containers

Trash, Recycling, Compost: Recycling center is located on the first floor of the Farmhouse. Absolutely no food or food packaging in the trash! Compost bins are located near the road, Look for a black barrel and compost sign.

Swimming and bathing: You are welcome to swim at the pond. Please observe the posted sign. 

Student Village: Our staff and student village may be busy with current program activities, especially during the Saturday morning hours.  Please respect their needs for quiet and privacy. 

Farmhouse:  The farmhouse is our office and meeting space, and is fully occupied by staff working on their program logistics.  You may come to the farmhouse for urgent needs, but unfortunately we cannot welcome you to use the space for cooking, laundry, or socializing.   We also cannot offer you meals, showers, or internet access.

Need help? During normal business hours, please check in at the Farmhouse office. In the evening or night-time, you can look for assistance at the directors house (top of hill, northeast corner).