The Odyssey Expedition

Grades 9 – 11  |  7 – 10 days
Lake Champlain, VT

The trials and adventures of Odysseus come alive in this expedition. Homer’s telling of this classic tale becomes the backdrop for our own story as we travel in giant Voyageur Canoes down the length of Lake Champlain. Our Odyssey will begin at the Southern end of Lake Champlain near Chipman’s Point Marina. Each boat can carry between 6 to 8 crewmembers and their gear. Paddling 4 – 10 miles each day, our journey north will take us through Five-Mile Point, Crown Point, Cole Bay and Barn Rock Harbor to our final destination of Converse Bay.

As we journey north paddling through the waves and finding home for the night on small islands and points of land we will relive and work through many of the central themes of the Odyssey. The ever-widening lake opening to spectacular views of the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains, the waves crashing on rocky shores and the three giant canoes with paddles dipping rhythmically to the song of the wind provide a perfect backdrop for immersion into Homer’s mythical world. Each day we will take time to read and discuss the Odyssey around the evening fire. In order to reach home shores each team member will have to search for their best self and the entire community will need to transform to meet the challenge of this wilderness journey.

The Odyssey is a wilderness expedition. We will be experiencing the lake much like the ancient people have experienced their journeys. Moving by way of our own power with minimal material possessions, using hand tools for all of our needs, cooking on the fire from scratch and navigating with map and compass are some of the examples of the immersion students will undergo.