The Laura Fitch Scholarship

Laura Fitch was a dear member of the Kroka Community for many years. Laura was a Kroka parent and talented architect, responsible for many of the beautiful buildings that hold our community on the Kroka campus. Her two sons, Eliot and Tommy Witten, attended summer programs from a young age and went on to attend the Winter Semester and Ecuador Semester respectively. Both later joined the summer staff community.

As a parent during the early days of Kroka’s move to Marlow, Laura saw the possibility for campus development from her unique perspective as an architect of co-housing communities. Laura went on to design the most prominent buildings on our campus: the Boathouse in 2009, the Director’s House in 2011 and the Farm Barn in 2015. Laura drew the plans for the 2019 renovation of Kroka’s historic Farmhouse into a sustainability education center for the next 200 years. Laura’s passion for functional community design and green building, combined with a lifelong love of the outdoors, helped the Kroka campus and community grow and thrive.

Laura passed unexpectedly in January 2023. With generous donations from Laura’s family, friends, and Kroka community, this scholarship is set in her honor. Laura‚Äôs enduring legacy on our campus and community will help ensure that Kroka continues to make a lasting impact on young people and families by providing scholarship support to students who wish to join our programs.

Boathouse, 2010

Director’s House, 2011

Farm Barn, 2015

Farmhouse, 2019

Drawing of the Kroka campus by Laura Fitch