Wild Confidence: Young Women's Leadership Expedition

Wild Confidence: Young Women's Leadership Expedition

Sun, Jul 21, 2024 - Sat, Aug 10, 2024  (21 days)
  Ages: 15 - 18

Young women leaders! We invite those ready for a wilderness voyage with a strong focus on skill-building, craft, community, and personal growth. We begin at the Kroka basecamp where we will ready ourselves for the journey and make some of our own expedition gear. We’ll then set out for the rugged northern Appalachian Mountains to paddle the remote lakes and wild rivers of northern Maine. Following ancient canoe routes of the Penobscot and Allagash we emerge at Grand Lake Matagamon to exchange our boats for backpacks. Next we will circumnavigate Mount Katahdin, the stunning heart of Baxter State Park. If Pamola, the legendary spirit of Katahdin, allows safe passage, we will climb this great mountain and descend strengthened and transformed by the incredible journey. With Wild Confidence we will cultivate our skills as leaders in community and in our own lives.

This is a Capstone Expedition which includes some pre-program student meetings and preparation.



TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-A:     $5265.00  Household Annual Income $185,000 or more
TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-B:     $4455.00  Household Annual Income of $100,000 - $185,000
TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-C:     $3915.00  Household Annual Income of $70,000 - $99,000
TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-D:     $3105.00  Household Annual Income of $50,000 - $69,000
TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-E:     $2295.00  Household Annual Income of $30,000 - $49,000
TUITION-SUMMER-THREE-WEEK-LEVEL-F:     $1890.00  Household Annual Income up to $29,000