Climber's Journey Up North

Climber's Journey Up North

Sun, Jul 14, 2024 - Sat, Jul 27, 2024  (14 days)
  Ages: 13 - 15

For students who have completed Climbing Rocks and those with independent climbing experience. Students should be physically fit to carry an overnight backpack up and back down the mountain with a smile!
Living in the woods, swimming, crafting, and climbing remote cliffs will fill our lives and strengthen our spirits. The first part of the week will be spent reviewing the basic skills of belay techniques, knot tying, and anchor placement. Then it’s off to the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains where we will continue to advance our technical skills. In addition to top roping and bouldering, students will practice following a leader on multi-pitch sport and traditional climbs up to 5.8. At the culmination of the training we will climb a magnificent slab with breathtaking views all around. Climbing is not just a sport: it is a way of life in which we connect with nature and our inner selves. Bring your spirit and determination and challenge yourself to take the next step. You are sure to experience the rewarding feelings of accomplishment, pride, and connection.



TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-A:     $3705.00  Household Annual Income of $185,000 or more
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-B:     $3135.00  Household Annual Income of $100,000 - $185,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-C:     $2755.00  Household Annual Income of $70,000 - $99,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-D:     $2185.00  Household Annual Income of $50,000 - $69,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-E:     $1615.00  Household Annual Income of $30,000 - $49,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-F:     $1330.00  Household Annual Income up to $29,000