Sun, Jul 21, 2024 - Sat, Aug 03, 2024  (14 days)
  Ages: 15 - 18

Bushwhackers should be prepared to leave the comforts of civilization far behind. 

Join us for a bushwhacking and canoeing trip rooted in the ancient traditions of wilderness travel. We begin by backpacking through a great wilderness, living by the customs of native peoples of the north woods. Here we will learn to rely on the forest to provide the resources we need. We will make fire by friction, forage for wild food, drink clear water from the rocks and build shelter from found materials. We will make traditional crafts from wood and leather and cook delicious meals over the open fire, sustaining ourselves and the Earth in reciprocity. Coming down off the mountain we reach a glistening waterway where canoes await. Equipped with poles and paddles, we will travel through the seldom-traversed waterways of New England, the ancient canoe routes of times long ago. Bushwhack is a journey of self-discovery, deep connection, and finding a forever home for yourself in nature.


Base Location
Marlow, NH

Lye Brook/Battenkill River

TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-A:     $3705.00  Household Annual Income of $185,000 or more
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-B:     $3135.00  Household Annual Income of $100,000 - $185,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-C:     $2755.00  Household Annual Income of $70,000 - $99,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-D:     $2185.00  Household Annual Income of $50,000 - $69,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-E:     $1615.00  Household Annual Income of $30,000 - $49,000
TUITION-SUMMER-TWO-WEEK-LEVEL-F:     $1330.00  Household Annual Income up to $29,000