Bike Girls!

Bike Girls!

Sun, Jul 30, 2023 - Sat, Aug 05, 2023  (7 days)
Girls and nonbinary  Ages: 11 - 13

Bike Girls is open to female-identified and non-binary participants.

Come join the Bike Girls as we journey boldly into the wild places! We will form lasting friendships as we learn the art of mountain biking, with the Green Mountains of Vermont as our home. We will live, play, laugh, and learn the beauty of riding our bicycles, all the while experiencing the magic of living in nature, crafting with our own two hands, and sleeping under the stars. As a pack of wild and adventurous girls, we will practice biking skills, navigate the forest roads and single-tracks, and learn to fix our own bikes, taking home with us new skills as bike mechanics. In the evenings we gather around the fire to share stories and to set our intentions for tomorrow’s adventure. We will come away from this expedition empowered as females, ready to use our new riding muscles to face the challenges and experience the beauty of the world! No previous mountain biking experience is necessary and bikes are available for rent!


Base Location
Marlow, NH


TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-A:     $1870.00  Household Annual Income of $185,000 or more
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-B:     $1570.00  Household Annual Income of $100,000 - $185,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-C:     $1350.00  Household Annual Income of $70,000 - $99,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-D:     $1060.00  Household Annual Income of $50,000 - $69,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-E:     $780.00  Household Annual Income of $30,000 - $49,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-F:     $650.00  Household Annual Income up to $29,000