River Rascals

River Rascals

Sun, Jun 23, 2024 - Sat, Jun 29, 2024  (7 days)
  Ages: 10 - 11

All you river rascals out there, it’s time to come together and head to the water! This will be a week of canoeing, kayaking, and swimming through currents, around bends, and into eddies. Skill building begins at our very own pond, after which we will embark on a four-day river expedition. Kroka’s unique paddling progression is rooted in developing skill and comfort in swimming through moving water as well as paddling both canoes and kayaks. In addition, we will simply soak in the joys of river life. Our afternoons will include camp set-up in the woods or on sandbars, roasting tasty bannocks over the fire, and time for play and discovery. Days end with craftwork, stories, songs and games.



TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-A:     $1950.00  Household Annual Income of $185,000 or more
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-B:     $1650.00  Household Annual Income of $100,000 - $185,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-C:     $1450.00  Household Annual Income of $70,000 - $99,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-D:     $1150.00  Household Annual Income of $50,000 - $69,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-E:     $850.00  Household Annual Income of $30,000 - $49,000
TUITION-SUMMER-ONE-WEEK-LEVEL-F:     $700.00  Household Annual Income up to $29,000