We believe that the awakening of consciousness and altruistic will in young people is essential in creating a just and peaceful world.

We believe in the power of nature and community to awaken our highest selves. 

We believe that pushing past our limits helps us shed the layers between ourselves and the world, and that vulnerability is an essential condition for wisdom and compassion.

We believe that appropriate risk taking is a doorway to trust in ourselves and others.

We believe in the just distribution of resources, living simply, rigorous work, celebration, song and ritual, and reverence for all of life.

We believe in cultivating a direct relationship with the resources that sustain us: warmth, clothing, shelter, nourishment.

We believe that the deepest gifts of the wild places are uniquely available during rigorous, extended, self-sufficient expeditions.

We believe in cultivating the Inuit quality of koviashuvik: “living in the present moment with quiet joy and happiness.”

We believe that every young person who wishes to join our community has the opportunity through our scholarship and sliding scale program.

We believe that we have a responsibility to fulfill the unique role of human beings in the web of all life.