With a successful summer season behind us, the new and improved Kroka Farmhouse has been put to the test while the final stages of construction are completed. Throughout the summer staff packed food, planned routes, held meetings, and shared meals all in newly (or soon-to-be) finished spaces, finessing new systems as they went. All the while, students helped complete projects during their morning chores and our dedicated building crew continued to work as they completed the exterior siding, built the covered outdoor wrap-around deck, installed the photovoltaic and rainwater catchment systems, and much more. It has truly been a summer to remember!

Amazingly, we have stayed mostly on track with our construction timeline despite the busy summer months. Many families, friends and donors had the opportunity to tour the new Farmhouse, and all were impressed and eager to support our work. If you have not done so already, please consider donating to help us reach our final goal of $950,000 – we only have $100,000 left to go!


September 2019

Deconstruction of old farmhouse: move office & kitchen, strip building, move farmhouse & pour new foundation.


October 2019

Install new ell


November 2019

Rough framing, plumbing & electrical,re-establish essential services, wood boiler, composting toilet, rough wiring & plumbing,


December 2019

Rough framing, plumbing & elecrical. Redo old farmhouse exterior walls and windows for energy efficiency


January 2020

Finish Basement: (Food storage rooms, showers, utility rooms)
New metal roof installed


February 2020

Finish main floor: (Kitchen & Dining Hall)


March 2020

Finish office floor: (New office space)


April 2020

Renovate old farmhouse: meeting rooms, lounge, library, bathrooms


May 2020

Exterior work: exterior siding & masonry


June 2020

Exterior work continued: photovoltaic & rainwater catchment system installation


July & August 2020

Competion of: exterior siding, electrical work, library & lounge, thermal solar system, deck & deck roof


September 2020

Final touches completed: fire safety system, handicap accessibility, porch roofing, deck railings, main stairwell, decorative shingle artwork (many of these projects will provide educational opportunities for semester students)


October 2020

Farmhouse completion by the end of the month!

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