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Happy New Year from the Kroka Community School! We hope you and your family had a safe and restful holiday season. I am excited to share that as we prepare to launch our winter/spring semester, we have one opening in the Kroka Community School for an eager student age 12-15. Will join our class this winter?

We have space for one more eager student!

The second semester of our year-round residential middle school, which begins on January 18th will be packed full of hands-on, adventurous, face-to-face learning in the outdoors. Following a successful pilot semester in the fall we are growing our group and strengthening the curriculum and we have an exciting opportunity ahead. As the new year kicks off, our faculty are on a training expedition in the Green Mountains preparing the winter wilderness curriculum. A brand-new yurt was completed to serve as student housing, and our new Farmhouse classroom was outfitted with beautiful handmade wooden chairs. Our group of 13 eager students are packing their bags and preparing to return to Kroka.

Fall semester students build a bush camp to live comfortably throughout the winter months!

The winter-spring curriculum includes diving in to Early American History;  African History and Geography; Literature, and Poetry; Human Physiology, Plant Physiology and Phenology, Renewable Energy, Chemistry, and Physics; and Practical Math. We look forward to dog-sledding, ski-packing, building quinzhees, and living in our bush camp until the snow melts and the warmth returns for a spring of paddling, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Students will learn backcountry and skate skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and dogsledding until the warmth of spring thaws the snow

Our middle school is growing, and so does our village on the edge of the woods. The staff came together last week to build the foundation of a new yurt that will house the community school students this winter.

Ditch the screen and come to school at Kroka! If you have a student who is called to the ways of wilderness living and yearns to study by the warmth of a fire, we hope you will answer the call and apply to join our Spring Community School Semester.