Position: Camp Nurse

Kroka Expeditions seeks a camp nurse or medical officer to help care for the medical needs of our community during the busy summer season: mid-June through August 19th.   

This summer we expect 450 students to come to Kroka to attend 40 different adventure programs based out of our farm and village in Marlow NH.   Our staff are trained Lifeguards and Wilderness First Responders, and we are accustomed to being self-sufficient with a strong safety record and pro-active risk management policies.

We have continued to fully operate all of our programs throughout the COVID pandemic by maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle combined with rigorous testing and safety protocols.

Our schedule follows a predictable weekly rhythm:
Our programs begin on Sunday, when students arrive to campus throughout the day.  Typically there are some health related questions during this time – receiving medications and discussing health concerns with parents who are bringing their children to camp.

On Monday we are often communicating with parents whose children may be getting ready to come to Kroka the following week.  Occasionally a student experiences an injury, illness, or homesickness on their very first day and needs medical or emotional attention.  Sometime staff who have returned from an expedition need help with a medical issue, or with re-stocking a medical kit or ordering more medical supplies.

On Friday, student groups are returning to Kroka from their wilderness expeditions.  Sometimes there are small wounds that instructors have bandaged but could use cleaning and more professional attention before the conclusion of the program.

On Saturday programs end, and parents return to pick up their students.  We make an extra effort to have attended to all medical issues and communicate with parents about any ongoing follow-up medical attention that might be needed.


FRIDAY                2:00 PM – 8:00 PM

SATURDAY       9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

SUNDAY              9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

MONDAY            8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Ideally the medical officer would be available for telephone / video consultation at other times during the week should an urgent need arise. We can offer some flexibility with this schedule, and we realize that we may need to share the position between several people in order to meet our needs.   

Compensation of $30 – $40 per hour based on experience and availability.   This position does not require overnight residence on campus, but if you choose, we can offer simple on-site housing.   Meals are provided , as well as the opportunity to participate in the social and recreational life of our dynamic community.

Organization and maintenance of the infirmary room
Review of incoming medical forms & communicate with families as needed
Collaborate with Kroka staff on medication check in and management
Brief staff on medical conditions and medications within their program groups
Manage on-site care and support for sick or injured students
Available for staff or student wellness check-ins during office hours
Coordinate off-site medical visits for program students
Manage first aid kits for incoming and outgoing programs