Parzival Expedition

Lost Coast, CA
designed for 11th graders

(a program could be arranged on the east coast as well)

Strikingly beautiful and accessible only by foot, the Lost Coast of Northern California is a rugged mountain chain spanning 60 miles of spectacular Pacific coastline. Home to an elk herd, majestic redwoods, oaks and Douglas fir, an array of wild flowers and abundant sea life, it is truly a magical place. The narrow trail leads along ridges, across clear mountain streams, and down to hidden sandy coves framed by rugged cliffs. The crash of the waves and spectacular vistas make for an unforgettable experience in nature. 

Having read the epic 25,000-line poem by Wolfram von Eschenback before arrival, students will embark on an epic and memorable journey of their own as they reflect on that of Parzival. Gaining wisdom throughout our travels together, we will seek our own holy grail and reflect on our personal and collective code of ethics.

The trip will culminate with a 16-24 hour individual rite-of-passage solo experience, where students will spend a night out in nature to connect with the land and themselves. Students will return home moved and inspired as they carry this powerful experience forward into their lives.