Introducing Summer Program Diplomas: an incentive for dedicated Kroka students, the Junior Guide Diploma is a recognition of exceptional commitment to Kroka values over several years of expedition. Students who receive their Diploma at Kroka are role-models for younger students and are likely candidates for Kroka Semester, Apprenticeships, and staff roles.

Eligible students receive:

  • A handmade wooden canoe paddle with Kroka logo
  • A beautiful printed Junior Guide Diploma 
  • Recognition with your photograph on Kroka’s “wall of fame”
  • Invitation to participate in end-of-summer staff adventure race
  • Invitation to the alumni community and annual reunion
  • 10% off of tuition for a Kroka Semester!

How it works

  • Students choose a specialty from one of our seven Adventure Schools (Whitewater, Rock Climbing, Caving, Mountain Biking, Ocean, Wilderness Skills, and Rites of Passage)
  • Complete one intermediate-level expedition (2 weeks) in the chosen school
  • Complete one capstone expedition in the chosen school (3 or 4 weeks)
  • Complete two additional intermediate-level expeditions in two different schools
  • Demonstrate competency in the seven core skills of a Kroka Guide
Qualifying Expeditions


Paddler’s Journey Up North

Canadian Expedition

Climbing / Caving

Climber’s Journey Up North
In Search of Lost Caverns

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Red River Gorge Climbing

Mountain Biking


Green Mountain Bikepacking Expedition


Bold Coast Sea Kayaking Expedition

Cedar to Sea Expedition

Rites of Passage

Boys Rite of Passage
Wild Girls

Heart of Katahdin
Ocean Odyssey for Young Women

Wilderness Skills


Essential Skills of the Junior Guide:

  • NAVIGATION – successfully lead a group for a day using map and compass
  • FIREBUILDING – use a bow drill to start a fire by friction
  • COOKING –prepare a meal from scratch over the fire
  • CAMPCRAFT – demonstrate site selection, tent and tarp setup
  • HANDCRAFT – use handwork skills to create a useful product for expedition
  • LEADERSHIP – model group leadership, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE – complete a service project with meaning and purpose
  • STEWARDSHIP – demonstrate positive environmental impact in the wilderness

Students who complete the requirements above: will be recognized at program closings and acknowledged during our end-of-summer celebrations.

Interested in learning more about the Junior Guide Diploma? Email