Quotes from parents

“It’s the teaching staff that touched me most this first summer at Kroka. My husband and I dropped off and picked up with hearts filled with gratitude for them. Confident, insightful, caring, centered, responsible, open-minded, fun. Very poised and well-spoken at meetings. I am deeply impressed.”

“Equal to the wilderness experience is the way the experience builds in education around leadership, cooperation, team work, a sense of one’s contribution to the group and self reflection. The expedition provides a positive group experience, the sense of having done and been and accomplished something as a group. This social dimension of the Kroka experience – building emotional intelligence – as well as the time in nature is what I as a parent find so valuable.”

“The experience was beyond what we had hoped for. Our son tells stories of exciting adventure, the development of community, examination and awe of their expedition environment and of the pure joy of all out fun and play.”

“I love the positive energy and humanity of the Kroka programs. The combination of amazing counselors and raw nature work so well together to get these groups of kids learning about themselves and developing compassion for the people they encounter.”

Quotes from students

“Each time I come back to Kroka I earn a new perspective or wisdom which only proves to me the depth of the fountain of gifts that this world has for us. Each year I get more tangled in the briar of the earth’s wild places. Kroka has taught me to be ever the more grateful, especially for the simpler pleasures in life like going for a morning swim with the mist and rising sun.”

“The challenges were tough, rewarding, and exciting. The counselors were great, enthusiastic, hands-on, and interesting. The ceremonies were memorable and touching, especially the midnight lake plunge on the final night. And the group was amazing!”

“The fact that us students were able to be so independent and make decisions as a group was something that I found very unique. I also very much appreciated how we were learning something new every day, from bike skills, to navigation, to knot tying. But by far the most unique experience was the ability to explore the trail systems of the Green Mountains and meet amazing people along the way.”

“Three weeks out in the wild left me craving more. The friendships I made, the views seen, the knowledge absorbed, the experiences had, it all changed me. Being out there with the Earth and the elements, it has this energy to it, something that you cannot tap into anywhere else.”