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Have you ever wondered which appliance is using the most electricity in your house? How much water you used for your shower? Or how your household’s energy footprint compares to families around the world? These are some of the questions we will be able to answer through a Living Building Dashboard that will be installed in our newly reconstructed Farmhouse as the final step to its completion.

Kroka will be working with the award winning Linnean Solutions design firm to engineer and install  this dashboard that will engage and educate students by translating complex systems into a simple and visually compelling narrative, rooted in Kroka’s core principles of “beauty, simplicity, and sustainability.”

This essential education tool will help us to better steward the next generation of environmental leaders and we need to raise $35,000 to bring it to life. Consider making a donation today!

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A few of the farmhouse systems that will be incorporated into the dashboard include:

Water – gallons consumed (groundwater), repurposed (greywater) and collected (rainwater)

Energy – electricity consumption (grid) and generation (solar)

Heat – warmth & hot water generation (solar thermal, insulation, wood boiler)

Waste – material and human waste/wastewater generated, composted & recycled (recycling, composting toilets)