We believe that Kroka needs to be accessible to ALL students, regardless of their background. We strive to fulfill this promise through sliding scale tuition and additional scholarships. Today, over half of Kroka families receive some form of financial aid. 

Scholarship Support for Summer Programs:

Sliding scale tuition rates for individual students registering for summer or semester programs are listed with each program description. If addition financial aid support is needed, please see the below options:


  • The General Scholarship Fund – This fund is designed to support families for whom the sliding scale tuition is not adequate. Scholarship awards are granted on a first-come-first-served basis during the enrollment and registration period. To apply, please fill out this Scholarship Application Form.


  • A limited number of Full Tuition Diversity Scholarships are available for summer programs. Through the generosity of our community we offer these scholarships to help us reach our goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you know of a student who should be a recipient of one of these scholarships, please email summer@kroka.org

Legacy Scholarships Available for Kroka Programs:

The Noah Simring Scholarship

Offers one annual $500 scholarship for any young person 16 years and older to attend any Kroka summer program.

The Julie Seiler Scholarship

Offers one annual $500 scholarship for any young woman wishing to attend any Kroka summer program.

The Laura Fitch Scholarship

Offers one annual $500 scholarship for any young person to attend any Kroka summer program.

To apply for any of the 3 Legacy Scholarships follow these directions:

Step 1
Click on the individual links above to read about Noah, Julie and Laura. After reading about the life and legacy of each individual, please choose which scholarship you are applying for.
Step 2
Submit a hand-written letter of interest describing why you would like to come to Kroka and what you hope to learn, along with your registered Kroka program by the May 15th deadline.
Step 3
Mail your letter to: Kroka Expeditions 767 Forest Road Marlow, NH 03456, attn: ____ Legacy Scholarship

The Kroka Scholarship Committee will inform you before the Summer Start date if you were a chosen recipient, or not.


Upon completion of your Kroka program, the scholarship recipient will submit either of the following, within a month of their program completion:

-An artistic reflection of their experience (song, music, poem or prose, or any visual art form). This artistic work will be shared with Kroka’s community, the family of Noah, Julie or Laura, and if possible, with their community at home.

-An article describing their Kroka experience to their local newspaper or school publication within a month after program completion. A copy of the article should be sent to Kroka and will be posted at Kroka.org., as well as sent to the family of Noah, Julie or Laura.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

As a part of our 2018-2020 Capital Campaign we began to establish a $500,000 endowment as a seed fund that will grow over years to come to support the needs of the next generation. The endowment fund will have restricted use for student scholarships only. This fund will perpetually grow through reinvestment and on-going fundraising, independently and professionally managed by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and responsibly invested in alignment with our mission. We are still working to reach our goal of $500,000. Please help make Kroka accessible to all by donating to our Scholarship Endowment Fund!


For additional scholarship and financial support outside of Kroka, we recommend looking into the following programs: