We believe that Kroka needs to be accessible to ALL students, regardless of their background. We strive to fulfill this promise through sliding scale tuition and additional scholarships. Today, over half of Kroka families receive some form of financial aid. 

Tuition for Summer and Semester Programs:

Sliding scale tuition rates for individual students registering for summer or semester programs are listed with each program description. If addition financial aid support is needed, please see the below options:

  • General Scholarship Fund – This fund is designed to support families for whom the sliding scale tuition is not adequate. Scholarship awards are granted on a first-come-first-served basis during the enrollment and registration period. To apply, please fill out this Scholarship Application Form.
  • The Noah Simring Scholarship offers one annual $500 scholarship for any young man or woman to attend any Kroka summer, semester, or apprenticeship program.
  • The Julie Seiler Scholarship offers one annual $500 scholarship for any young woman wishing to attend any Kroka summer or semester program.
  • The W.S. Badger Company offers scholarship support for students from Cheshire County, NH who wish to attend a Kroka semester program.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

As a part of our 2018-2020 Capital Campaign we began to establish a $500,000 endowment as a seed fund that will grow over years to come to support the needs of the next generation. The endowment fund will have restricted use for student scholarships only. This fund will perpetually grow through reinvestment and on-going fundraising, independently and professionally managed by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and responsibly invested in alignment with our mission. We are still working to reach our goal of $500,000. Please help make Kroka accessible to all by donating to our Scholarship Endowment Fund!

Tuition for Programs for Schools:

Tuition for school group programs is calculated on a per/student per/day basis, and will depend upon the season, location, and program activities. We also work to offer scholarship support to schools who may need help making a trip possible.

For information about program costs and scholarships for groups, contact school@kroka.org or call us at 603-835-9087.