Receiving High School or College Credit

Our academic curriculum is fully accredited through Sterling College. The credits earned are transferable to any four-year college or university (dependent on the receiving school’s transfer policy). High school students are also able to earn full credits each semester, transferrable to most high schools.

To receive high school credit:

Each of the four courses of study during our semester programs usually translates into one high school credit (some schools use different credit/hour systems – we are happy to work with your guidance counselor to ensure that you receive credit). Upon applying to a Kroka semester program, please direct your school counselor to the Kroka syllabus/curriculum online to make sure your school will honor Kroka courses. We are happy to speak directly with your academic dean or guidance counselor to explain the nature of our curriculum and how your experience will enhance your future school achievements.

Kroka offers letter grades and a comprehensive assessment via an academic transcript and narrative evaluation at the end of the semester. You may be required to bring your Kroka portfolio to school or to present orally to your school’s curriculum committee upon semester completion. It is important to work with your guidance counselor ahead of time to make sure that you understand their specific requirements.

To receive college credit:

You can receive up to 16 credits through Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, Vermont. These credits are fully transferable to any college or university (dependent on the receiving school’s transfer policy).  Students must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to receive credit:

  • Current high school standing of Junior or Senior, or high school diploma or equivalent
  • High school GPA of 2.5 or higher

To arrange for receiving credit after being accepted to our semester program, you need to complete the Sterling College Credit Application Form. This form, along with your high school transcript, must be submitted to Sterling College along with a $500 fee per course payable to Sterling College. You will then be assigned a Sterling student ID number, and upon successful completion of the course, Kroka will submit your grades to Sterling College. In the future, you will be able to request a transcript from Sterling College that reflects these grades and which can be submitted to another college.


Additionally, if you have already graduated from high school and are interested in attending Sterling College, you may apply using an expedited application process to attend  after completing a Kroka semester. This will allow you to flow from your Kroka experience into an undergraduate program. Sterling offers majors in Outdoor Education, Ecology, Environmental Humanities, and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.  Kroka graduates are offered prefered admission to Sterling College and find the program’s value aligned.  In this scenario, an additional narrative writing piece detailing your learning throughout the semester must be completed at the conclusion of your program to support the physical portfolio of work created during your time at Kroka. Sterling College grants a $5000 per semester renewable scholarship towards tuition to reward Kroka Semester Graduates! If you are at all interested in this school, this is an amazing opportunity!


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Students who are enrolling through Sterling are not eligible for a Kroka Scholarship.

For any questions relating to school credit, please call us at 603-835-9087 or email

The credits are awarded as follows:

  • Four credits for the Adventure Education course – 
    • AS145-KR Mountains Within I during the Fall Semester
    • AS146-KR Mountains Within II during the Spring Semester
  • Four Social Studies or Cultural Studies credits: 
    • Cultural Studies for HM/SS145-KR Humans and Nature I during the Fall Semester
    • Social Studies for HM/SS146-KR Humans and Nature II during the Spring Semester
  • Four Humanities credits for: 
    • HM145-KR Finding Our Place I during the Fall Semester
    • HM146-KR Finding Our Place II during the Spring semester
  • Four Science credits: 
    • AS/NS145-KR Sustainable Living on Earth during the Fall Semester
    • AS/NS146-KR New England Ecology during the Spring Semester