Admissions & Tuition for Kroka Semester Programs

Admissions Process

Lao-tzu said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The first step along the path to a transformative Kroka semester is to fill out our online application.  After, you’ll submit additional supporting materials, including an essay, academic transcript, and a letter of recommendation, via email to After we’ve received your materials, we’ll contact you to either set up an interview or to provide next steps to continue to prepare for a Kroka semester in the future.


Our sliding scale tuition rates are based on annual household income and differ due to program location and length.  See below table outlining sliding scale tuition for current semester programs.

Additional Fees

The cost of the program is divided between tuition and other fees. You should expect to pay an additional $1,200 – $2,000 in equipment and materials fees (for items that will be taken home at the completion of the program), as well as miscellaneous donations and student account fees. There is also a packing list with required gear that you will need to have borrowed or purchased ahead of time.

Multi-Program Discount

Students who have successfully graduated from a previous Kroka semester can receive a 5% tuition discount on another semester.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

A $2,000 deposit is required upon acceptance into the program (before the financial aid decisions are made). This deposit is refundable (less a $500 fee) up until 60 days prior to the program start. The remaining payments are typically spread out over a period of months, on a schedule that meets your needs, with all tuition and fees due prior to the completion of the program.

Kroka does not pay commission for any US referrals to our semester programs.

Annual Household Income
Winter Semester Program

$185,000 or more


$120,000 – $184,000


$90,000 – $119,000


$60,000 – $89,000


$30,000 – $59,000


up to $29,000


Financial Aid

There are two different processes for completing enrollment, paying tuition, and applying for financial aid:

Sterling College Process (for students who wish to receive credit and have already achieved a highschool diploma or equivalent)

Students will enroll, pay tuition, and receive financial aid through Sterling College, a four-year undergraduate college located in Craftsbury Vermont that also serves as Kroka’s accreditation partner. Please note that one does not need to complete the Sterling College admissions process; admission to Kroka guarantees enrollment at Sterling college.

Once enrolled, families can follow the regular Sterling College financial aid process – which typically includes filling out the FAFSA using the Sterling College school code 014991

Kroka Process (for all other students)

Current high school level students will enroll and pay tuition directly to Kroka Expeditions, based on our sliding scale tuition system. These specific sliding scale tuition rates are published for each program.

Public School Funding: Some school districts will pay some or all of Kroka tuition costs. Check with your local school district.

If the sliding scale system is not adequate to meet the needs of your family, we encourage student fundraising, and Kroka also can sometimes offer additional financial aid. Kroka Expeditions is a financial needs-blind institution, with financial aid decisions made after admissions decisions. We are committed to allowing participation to everyone regardless of income. Financial aid awards typically range from 5% to 30% of your family’s sliding-scale tuition amount, depending upon your unique circumstances and the resources we have available at the time.

Click here to download Kroka’s financial aid application form

Enrollment Policies

At Kroka we place a top priority on the health and well being of the individual and the community. As a result, nearly 100% of our students complete their semester study programs, and many return to Kroka again and again as alumni, students, apprentices, and staff. Should some circumstances prevent the successful completion of the program, these are the policies and procedures that will apply:

Withdrawal prior to the start of the program

Should circumstances require you to change your plans, your tuition deposit and payments are refundable up to 60 days prior to the starting date of the program, less a $500 cancellation fee. After that date, all tuition and fees are non-refundable.

Withdrawal or dismissal from the program

Since our operating expenses in planning and staffing the program do not diminish if a student departs during the course of the semester, you acknowledge that your obligation to pay fees for the full program is unconditional. No deduction, remission, or refund of tuition charges will be made for any absence, dismissal, or withdrawal from the program due to disciplinary, academic, social, emotional, or personal reasons. Students and family will be held accountable, to the extent permitted by law, for Kroka’s expenses of enforcement and collection of those fees.

Medical Issues

Should a physical injury or illness that occurs during the program prevent participation or completion of the program, we will offer to apply the pro-rated unused portion of the tuition towards a future program with Kroka for that student or an immediate sibling.

Change of plans

Kroka reserves the right to change it’s curriculum offerings, activities, schedules, itineraries, and staff personnel, as well as other policies and procedures, as circumstances may require.


Kroka reserves the right to dismiss a student from the program if the teachers, staff, or the Board of Trustees, determine that the behavior of the student is not in accordance with Kroka’s code of conduct and is jeopardizing the functioning of the program and/or the health or education of any student.


Kroka reserves the right to withhold student evaluations and academic transcripts until we have received full payment of semester tuition and fees.