Academic Curriculum

Our academic curriculum is fully accredited through Sterling College.

Rooted in the observation of nature, Kroka education aims to mobilize the senses and engage the student’s thinking, feeling, and willing. Each semester presents an integrated course of study organized into four experiential curriculum blocks. Our learning is practical, place-based, and combines adventure travel with academic disciplines. This means that all core subjects, such as science, language arts, cultural studies or literature, are integrated into the semester’s expedition. Students and leaders work in both small and large groups, learning how to best utilize the power of community through cooperation.


  • Adventure Education – “Mountains Within:” expedition leadership, wilderness skills, adventure sports, craftsmanship & earth living skills, and wilderness medicine
  • Social Studies – “Humans and Nature:” cultural studies and language
  • Natural Science – “Living on Earth:” earth systems, ecology and permaculture
  • Humanities – “Finding our Place:” literature, writing, and speech

Current semester syllabus/curriculum rubrics:

Past student work:

To exemplify this integrated academic model, here is an example of a canoe expedition:

  • Whitewater canoe skills are introduced on the river itself, with only the most basic of instructions. Through trial and error, frustration, and an inkling of success, students develop questions and interest in the subject of water and whitewater canoeing. 
  • With this interest peaked, more technical instruction follows on the second day. 
  • While paddling, curriculum elements are naturally woven in as they arise: the hydrological cycle at work, aquatic flora and fauna, the cultural landscape surrounding the river and its effects on water quality… 
  • The value of building community is practiced by interacting with people along the way. Interviews are conducted, service projects are done, and rich stories about the landscape and history of the place are received.
  • Students read about the history of the river, journal, sketch, and dialogue about their learning at the end of the day. 
  • Thus the study of river ecology, hydrology and history complement our river expedition and the river expedition itself informs the academic learning. 
  • We believe that when students live their education fully there is no place for disengagement and boredom, instead, education is fun and has a lasting effect.

Kroka Semester Programs are accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and are offered in partnership with Sterling College.