Quotes from parents

“Kroka was an excellent experience for our daughter. Before starting, she thought the biggest challenge would be facing the physical adversity of living outside and traveling 600 miles. Instead, she found it was being a productive member of a community, who could lead, but also follow and support, give opinions, but also listen to others. It required an interesting balance of independence and interdependence, and it gave her a much deeper understanding of the role she can play in a group.”

“What an amazing young man you sent back home! He is now living what he experienced and learned in his daily life in the world around him. He treats the Earth and its people with respect. He also has more patience and compassion. I am so grateful for your vision and the uncompromising way you move into the future.”

“Our daughter went from thinking she “can’t do anything” to a much more positive young adult who now believes she “can do everything!”

Quotes from students

“Kroka has changed my life. Not only has it provided me with a new family of amazing people, it has also added spirit, purpose, and joy to my life. I have never felt as whole or thankful as I have from my Kroka semester. The glow Kroka has given me is something I never want to lose.”

“My journey on the semester taught me that humans have a place in the earth’s ecosystem. I got to develop a relationship with many kinds of trees, animals, and plants. I learned what to take from each one and how to give back, how to continue their lifecycles instead of breaking them… My journey at Kroka gave me the opportunity to let go of past fears. My fear of lighting a match transformed into a love of building and tending to fire. My journey at Kroka planted the seeds for a deep confidence in myself and in my abilities.” 

“I approach life with the question of what will benefit the most people and the health of the planet, rather than simply my own needs and desires. The seed of this approach was planted by my experience in the semester. It taught me that I am the master of my own life and that I possess the ability and privilege to make decisions that will either benefit or harm the Earth. I choose to do the former.”