Sample Itineraries

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Basecamp Programs

Farm Programs

Grades 3 and Up  |  Spring, Fall, and Winter  |  Marlow, NH

Sharing and building community at Kroka is the center of everything we do. Our days will fall into a rhythm of meaningful work on the farm, cooking, processing, and feasting on food. We will play and explore in the fields and forest, go on a picnic with the horse and wagon. We will make pizza in an outdoor wood-fired clay oven. We will follow the process from cow to cheese, from wheat to pizza, from tree to fire, from manure to soil. Learn more.

Adventures at Kroka Village

Grades 4 and Up  |  Spring, Fall, and Winter  |  Marlow, NH

Come experience life in the Kroka village!  Learn to bake bread over an open fire, carve a spoon, climb up a rock face, and paddle down a swiftly flowing river. Explore the forests that surround us, and become acquainted with the animals that inhabit our farm. Each night we return to our home in the Kroka Village with songs, games, and stories to share around the campfire. Learn more.

Winter Wilderness

Grades 7 – 12  |  Winter  |  Marlow, NH

On this winter expedition, we will travel by snowshoe through the forest and over frozen lakes, carrying our gear in packs on our backs. Deep in the winter wilderness we will set our camp, a canvas tent with a crackling woodstove and a balsam fir floor. Each day, we will cut and split firewood to warm our tent and cook our meals, and chisel a hole in the ice to collect water. Adventures by day will include snow shelter making, exploring the woods by snowshoe, and skiing over the beaver flowages. Learn more.

New England Expeditions

Green Mountain Multi-Element

Grades 7 – 12  |  6 – 8 days  |  Spring and Fall  |  Marlow, NH

Come experience the beauty of the Green Mountains, in the wilderness of Southern Vermont. We begin our journey hiking alongside the east branch of the Deerfield River, following the sounds of the rippling water. After an overnight along the trail we reach a beautiful remote body of water. Here we find our canoes and paddle across a lake, establishing a camp on the far shore. The following days will be spent hiking, practicing paddling skills, making wilderness crafts, and exploring the lakeshore to see what lies beyond our camp. Learn more.

Rivers of Vermont

Grades 7 – 12  |  5 – 10 days  |  Spring and Fall  |  Batten Kill River, VT

Surrounded by the peaceful Vermont countryside with breathtaking views of the Green Mountains, we will float down fast moving clear rivers. Around every bend the river holds a surprise for us: a fast moving rapid to navigate, an inviting swimming hole, or a beaver splashing his tail in greeting. We will paddle between 5-8 miles daily as we wind our way downstream, surrounded by Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains. Learn more.

Maine Coastal Journey

Grades 8 – 12  |  6 – 10 Days  |  May – June or September  |  Bluehill Bay, ME

We will start our journey in a calm harbor near Blue Hill Bay, Maine. From there we will load our boats and launch into the cold, clear ocean water. The coast of Maine is dotted with small islands, and each day we will paddle and weave our way amongst them, together with the wind, tide, and fog. At night we will find a sheltered island cove, pull up our boats, and set our camp. Our focus will be on coastal navigation, paddling, craftwork, wild foods, and the ancient art of making a home in the wilderness. Learn more.

Greater USA Expeditions

Florida Expedition Suwannee River

Grades 8 – 12  |  6 – 10 Days  |  March or October – November  |  Suwannee River, FL

We will begin our journey on the border of the National Wildlife Refuge, where the river flows out of the swamp. Each day we will paddle between seven and fifteen miles camping in the forest or on the riverbank. Students will learn to navigate with map and compass, paddle stern and bow on moving water, recognize obstacles, learn how to safely navigate the river and work together as a paddling team. Learn more.

Canyons of the Rio Grande

Grades 8 – 12  |  8 – 12 Days  |  March – April or October – November  |  Rio Grande, TX
*Water level dependent*

Remote and mysterious, the Rio Grande defines the border of Texas and Mexico. This expedition holds unparalleled opportunities for exploration by canoe and by foot. We will follow this beautiful wild river through the remote desert country without seeing any signs of civilization between our put-in and take-out. Learn more.

Labyrinth Canyon Expedition

Grades 8 – 12  |  8 – 12 Days  |  March – April  |  Green River, Utah

As canyon walls rise above our heads we will observe millions of years of Earth’s geological history and thousands of years of human habitation. Students will learn tandem canoe techniques and work as part of an expedition team as we navigate the Green River in Southern Utah. We will learn about river dynamics and desert ecology with the land itself as our teacher. Learn more.

Curriculum Expeditions

Sustainable Living at Basecamp

Grades 9 – 12  |  3 – 5 Days  |  Spring, Fall, and Winter  |  Kroka basecamp – Marlow, NH

Come experience life at Kroka Village where electricity comes from the sun, food is grown by the work of many hands, and dwellings are built with materials from the forest. Come alive in an intentional community of staff and students working together to become stewards of the earth. Explore the relationship between human beings and the wilderness, and learn how we can lessen our impact while enriching our communities and our lives. Learn more.

The Odyssey Expedition

Grades 9 – 11  |  7 – 10 days  |  Spring and Fall  |  Lake Champlain, VT

The trials and adventures of Odysseus come alive in this unique expedition. Homer’s telling of this classic tale becomes the backdrop for our own story as we travel in giant Voyageur Canoes down the length of Lake Champlain. Our Odyssey will begin at the Southern end of Lake Champlain near Chipman’s Point Marina where we will paddle 4 – 10 miles each day. Learn more.

Rock and River Geology Expedition

Grades 6 – 10  |  5 – 8 days  |  Spring and Fall  |  Southern NH, Northern VT

There is no better way to learn about the materials that span great distances beneath our feet than to physically explore and observe our surroundings. Through doing so, will learn how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks form as we travel through Southern New Hampshire up to Northern Vermont. This journey is one about formation and history, exploration and learning to read the signs built into our landscape over time. Learn more.